Manaslu is also the best destination for trekking activities in Nepal. Manaslu region is the riskiest and most adventurous region of the country. The trail to Manaslu Base Camp is rich in tradition, culture, scenic beauty, adventure, and a rural civilization representing Tibet’s ancient lifestyle. As it is a new route trek, it surrounds the entire ridge area of this region. Moreover, travelers get to explore the different range of Nepal’s cultural and natural diversity. The route of the trek started from the district of Gorkha in Nepal.

Manaslu region accommodation is mostly a teahouse trek with various tea houses. Thanks to this, Trekkers won’t have to set up camp for themselves. One can get a chance to learn the amazing religion, social norms, and values during the trek. Along the trek, you can get ideas about the traditional houses, local food, drinks, etc. This will help trekkers build a close and cooperative relationship with the locals.

Accommodation does not create many issues during the Manaslu base camp trek. This trail and journey to this region will be less crowded, and you can also get a chance to see some improved tea houses. Those tea houses are opened up all the time. The lodges and tea houses damaged by the massive earthquake of 2015 have also been repaired. In the same way, all the necessary infrastructure was constructed after this incident. That’s why we are ready to serve the tourists once again with more effort.

You will have a variety of food supplies rather this is the altitude region. The basic costs of the twin-sharing room range from $6 to $9. The rates may also vary accordingly as the altitude rises. If you also want to make an overall room rent without sharing with anyone. Then you have to pay the total price of the room as you are traveling to the boldest trekking destination in Nepal.

Therefore, you must be clear that you must cooperate and adjust accommodation facilities in this region. The local people have worked as hard as they can to provide a constant level of satisfaction with food and lodging in the Manaslu region of the country. The rooms are, of course, simple but cozy too. Mostly ‘Dal Bhat‘ is so much popular in the Himalayan region of a country, and you will get a chance to have a wonderful taste of this food. This kind of food may be completely different than your regular food activities.

In the Himalayan region of the country, only a few lodges and teahouses have private toilets. You can also get some public toilets in a special area. You must remember that in the main season, traveling to such a trekking destination, you must adjust. Sometimes also you need to share a room with other trekkers, especially in Dharmasala.