Bhutan is a country located in South Asia and is also blessed with seasonal variations. You can observe distinct months of spring, summer, winter and making a climatic condition of Bhutan perfect and magical in a year-round destination. Bhutan is especially a stunning destination and can travel at any season. In the time of Festivals, you can see glimpses to Himalayan peaks, clear skies, flourishing Himalayan flora, and fauna, or simply wonderful snowfall, in the same way, Bhutan will help you to ensure your valuable time to amidst natural offsprings. This will really help to create the most amazing memory in your future life as a lifetime experience.

There are three regions in Bhutan, those regions help us to experience the variety of distinct climatic conditions. Eventually, the north sides of the Country will remain frosty and perpetually with the snow-capped Himalayas and peaks. The central region of a country always fluctuates between the cool winters and dry summers. the north part of Bhutan helps us to witness the Subtropical environment with humid and hot climate conditions of this region of a country. This climate remains very constant throughout the time various time of a year.

This region witnesses travelers around the globe to show the beauty and variations of this amazing country. If there is someone intend to know about the beauty of the monastery and  Buddhism in this country then you are always welcome. You can even witness the stunning landscape on the lap of Himalayas to the ones for escaping the European winters and summers. This country is the temporary land for travelers and visitors from around the world, accommodating them in the various zeal of great compassion. You are warmly welcomed with the best and wonderful hospitality to this beautiful country to make your travel fun and happy.


The time of summer starts in Bhutan from the month of June that extends up to the month of August. For the closer and clear views of the environment including the Himalayan massif. In the same way, you will be amazed by the beautiful landscapes with various places and the lush green jungle.


Talking about the temperature of Bhutan the time will go back and forth between the temperature of 24 to 25-degree celsius approximately in this region. 


In this region, the weather of the place is often crisp and clear with a mild level of humidity filling the air. There is also a major misconception in the time of summer in this country that is surrounded by a bit rainy and clouds during the season of monsoon. However, this is a case to know. Monsoon is the season which is restricted to mild during afternoon showers that happens once in a two and three days. On the other hand, Bhutan always remains comparatively dry in these of and time is like cool during these seasons. 


In the season of summer, there is a celebration of a Haa festival. This festival in the mists of high altitude in the meadows, alpine forests and lakes and this is usually a time for the celebration of a Bhutanese way of living, delicacies, local cuisine and cultures of a place.

What is the reason to visit Bhutan? Now.

In the seasonal misconception around the season of  Monsoon. This season also witnessed the low time of influx of tourists, making it good for a more than one to one conversational technique to establish the tourism of Bhutan. Experience the food style of locals and see the place for relaxing and also try to learn and enjoy the culture and religion of a place or their communities. If you visit Bhutan the time is more important to see and explore the mountain and the lush jungle with wild birds and animals.

Study before you visit.

As it is already mentioned this season is mostly rainy and lands become wet. In the same way the rain also ranges form low level to moderate. This will not create any harm and threat during your Bhutan itinerary program. 

Some Tips

You need to take some blend of light clothes to be protected from heavy winter garments. Similarly visits the southern region and be protected with the heavy cold and wear warm clothes. You need to carry windcheaters or various raincoats for your previous safety as preparation of a monsoon.



Talking about the winter season of Bhutan then you will be seeing a month of December that will also last and longer till the date of February.



The climatic condition with the level of temperature of this region of s country varies from one destination to other but it approximately ranges from 10-degree s to minus 5-degree celsius. This is how we can feel the temperature level in this country.



In the season of winter in the different regions of Bhutan seen as it is comparatively dry and looks comfort to travel. In the northern regions of a country, there lies high altitude Himalayas peaks exist. In this region,the level of temperature can go up to zero.  During the last week in the month of January and early month of February. If you get to experience the mild snowfall in various cities like Paro and Thimpu.


Talking about a significant winter, it is the season of Tshechu and Punakha Dromche. This is a festival in which a Bhutan is founded in the 16th century and the festivals that unfold in the various regions of Bhutan’s old capital that is Punakha. This is the time of festivals so that the locals of this place escape the wonders and come to enjoy the festivals actively.

Why you should visit now.

This is the time where you get the weather amazing with a perfect destination. The climatic condition of a place also began to change and you will get a chance to experience the beauty of snowfall in Bhutan.


Let’s talk more about another season in Bhutan. The spring started from the month of March that goes extents up to May.


The temperature level in the season of spring also varies across the regions that remain to 3 degrees and 25 degrees Celcius approximately.


In the season of spring that perhaps the time to visits in Bhutan. This is the season and the weather looks humid and dry with wonderful conditions to get an exploration of the country.



This is the season of jacaranda a flowering plant that blooms in the country of Bhutan during the month of May. Also trekking to the destination of Drukpath and Jomolharistart commencing. At the same time, Paro Tshechiu is festivals celebrate here unfolds in a full swing.  

Why you should visit this country at this season?

During the time of this season, you can explore the Himalayan peaks and the flowers. You can see various things during your travel to visit Bhutan to interact with the King of Bhutanese during Paro Tshechu. You can see them taking part in these festivals.

What you should know before you visit.

You make a proper and ideal time to visit this country. This region will be filled up with tourists during the duration of time and air tickets that generally will also get sold out at this time. The reason to visit this country in a peak season where the price of a hotel sector shoots up. At the same time, taxis and guides can be also pre-booked. Always make an advance plan if you really intended during the season of spring.



If you are really intended to ake a wonderful memory then carry a hat, including sunglasses, a hat and light clothes and also enjoying with the beauty of Bhutan by your foot. Always you can also trek whatever and wherever you want. 



One of the other important time to visit Bhutan is the fall season, This season starts in the month of September and also that lasts up to the end of November. 



The level of the average temperature of this location that also varies between the 10 degrees to 23 degrees Celsius approximately. It is at across the altitudes and diverse valley of terrains of a country. 


The weather condition of this region is chilly and mildly sunny during this season. This is what we want you to clear is this is the second-best season immediately after visiting at spring season in Bhutan. 


Talking about the significance of this place you can explore festivals like Black-Necked crane festivals. This festival also happens at the time gorgeous Thimphu Tshechu and  Phobjikha valley, This is the modern time capital that unfolds in a full swing. Mostly more hotels are booked during this season and there is also a lot of indigenous festivals that also started in Bhutan. The more you travel the various region the more you get to be explored with the festivals and the huge number of gathering found.