10 Reasons To Trek The Everest Three Pass

10 Reasons To Trek The Everest Three Pass

10 Reasons To Trek The Everest Three Pass

      This trek is almost rewarding and Challenging

Three passes trek is always a wonderful trek that challenges each and every trekker around the world but is very rewarding as well when you experience it. You have to spend almost two weeks in the altitude region over the 4000m above sea level.

There will be the sub-zero temperature pressure and it goes continuously undulating trekking routes in the higher elevation which also requires a great deal of psychological and physical intensity. This will be the most amazing experience for those who seek the ultimate change and they also get ready to make an extra mile trek experience as an ultimate adventure in Nepal. 

In addition, though a strenuous-plus and technical adventure that has no requirement of any kind of technical climbing experience. This is the most daring and physically challenging pass and leads towards the Ngozumpa glacier which is the longest glacier in the mountain region. It also delighted trekkers to trek to the base of the world’s highest Himalayas.

The diversity of the region

  • You will be trekking to the first natural heritage site which is almost very much spiritual
  • There you can experience the amazing birch, vegetation of green pine and rhododendron forests at the higher region of terrain of ice and rock.
  • The UNESCO world heritage site Sagarmatha National park that also includes more than 118 species of birds island other wild animals. 
  • Varieties of passes with diverse and wonderful views that increase in the difficulty level which delivers an awesome experience.
  • On further walking some of the deep valleys of Bhotekoshi, Gokyo that is almost beautiful turquoise glacial lakes, Everest base camp, Iconic Khumbu ice-fall, and many more.

Less crowded region

This region is very difficult in terms of trekking and it is more difficult for the nonexperience trekker more than experience one. Everest three passes trek is likely to be less trodden which is as compared to most of the commercial to Everest Base camp and Gokyo region.

Although, this trek is an incredibly high pass trip that provides an amazing great deal of various opportunities that help to observe. It also admires the beauty and challenges due to nature. This is the best place for those who want to stay away from the madding crowd that also releases your serenity. 

Real circuit trek

Trekking to the region Everest three passes trek is indeed a most awaited circuit trek that involves each day transformation in landscapes and valleys. You can even witness each day’s variation that belongs a bit sensational. 

This trek also offers some of the most amazing views during the time of trekking and offers some of the peaks that are highlighted during walking. At the same time, most of the trekkers feel some of the genuine trekking experience.

Part of Tibetian trekking route

We mentioned it as an outstanding Tibetian trekking trail in the context of the Himalayas in Nepal. When you are in the village of Thame it will take you to the past life that means the ancient era dominated by sherpa. During the trekking, you will be known about the migration of sherpa from Tibet to the Khumbu valley that is considered remarkable. 

After witnessing some of the Tibetian valleys in the Khumbu region then you can see the Himalayas that offer you a second to experience by understanding and observing the History of sherpas.

The most attractive three passes trek provides travelers spectacular insight right from the very beginning day. The views of lively hills, deep gorges, and a skyrocketing snow-capped Himalayas that are almost away from the world. 

After moving forward form the Namche bazaar and when you go onward that are laterally bounded by the majestic himilayan peaks that are seen closeup that is mind-boggling. In the region of Renjo pass that delivers the best views of the highest peaks, Mount Everest. 

Gokyo Ri trek even provides you with the most miraculous views that include four world highest peaks like Lhoste, Cho-Oyu, Everest, Makalu. Some of the views of the Himalayas and turquoise lakes including Gokyo that is yet another unbelievable attraction. The mesmerizing views of the highest peak form the region of Kalapatthar that can’t be denied from here.

Lukla Flight

Lukla is popular for the airport which comes under the list of dangerous airports in the world. This destination is also considered as the gateway to Everest. It is also known as the Tenzing Norgay- Hillary Airport in the region of Lukla at the elevation of 2,840m above sea level.

This is the most extreme and high elevation thrilling with an altitude at the airport that is inclined and assists by stopping the speeding small plane. This region is also carved into the plateau of highest Himalayas and the airport was built by Sir Edmund Hillary in the year of 1964.


Beautiful monasteries and Sherpa villages

This trek is absolutely glorious due to the diversity of this region that will provide you the opportunity to visit the fascinating village of sherpa. This is a stunning village in the Khumbu region like Thame, Pangboche, Namche, and Dingboche are ultimately marvelous. 


Some of the most popular monasteries that are located in the Khumbu region are Thame monastery, Pangboche monastery, Khumjung monastery and they all demonstrate the influence of Tibetian Buddhism.After visiting such of the sherpa village with those wonderful monasteries will help you to give an opportunity to understand and observe the local tradition and cultural diversity closely. 

Seven various destinations that lies over 5000m

In the Everest three passes trek, you will be experiencing the most fascinating destinations that lie over 5000m and the height passed will offer you a seven. Those of the seven destinations which are over 5000m each have their own fabulous beauty and challenges. Those are mentioned below,

  1.  Renjo Pass (5,360 m/17,585 feet).
  2.  Gokyo Ri (5,480 m / 17,979 feet).
  3. Chola Pass (5,420 m/17,782 feet).
  4. Kalapathar (5,545 m/18,192 feet).
  5. Everest Base Camp (5,535 m/ 18,159 feet)
  6. And Kongma La Pass. (5,360 m/ 17,585 feet)
  7. Gorakshep (5,164 m / 16,942 ft  – Sleeping Elevation)

Witness the highest elevation without any technical Climbing

You will be spending about two weeks which is over 4,400m and moving over 5,000m provides you a huge achievement. In the altitude region of three passes trek will provide you the best experience in the higher region without having any kinds of technical climbing in the wilderness. In the extreme of trekking in Nepal Everest, three passes trek can be an ideal choice in which you can go for it. 

Those above mentioned are the most important ten reasons which are equivalent for three passes trek in the Everest region of a country Nepal. You will experience the highest region, local community people, food,drinks, traditions, and many more during the time of trekking in this region.

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