Scientific Logics behind Hindu Traditions

Scientific Logics behind Hindu Traditions

Scientific Logics behind Hindu Traditions

The lists of some Hindu traditions which have actual scientific reasons are mentioned briefly in the following. 


Namaste is a unique tradition that has been done in Nepal for a long time. There is absolutely a scientific logic behind Namaste, Namaskar in the culture of Hindu and other religions in Nepal. This is done by joining both hands in the chest level which ensures touching the lips by the finger together.

In the same way, it is also linked to making some pressure points in the ears, eyes, and eventually, mind. This is how pressing them together can help to activate these and also try to remember the same person for a long period of time.


Toe rings

In Nepal, women generally wear toe rings on the second toe of feet. The idea of this wearing is particularly related to nerve from where it connects the uterus and leads to passage through the heart system. This is why the toe ring helps to strengthen the uterus that also keeps us healthy. 

It also regulates the flow of blood easily to the heart due to this region. This is a scientific region behind having a ring on a toe of women and indicates the symbol of fruitful messages. Moreover, it is a women’s menstrual cycle that is to be regularized. 



The spot between the eyebrows of a person that the loss of the energy that also retains this to make control of various levels of our concentration. Moreover, this is one of the acts which applies and ensures its points at mind blow region and Ajna-Chakra are seen there pressing and facilitating blood supplying to the muscles of the facial in humans. 

So this is almost a scientific region behind putting tilak on the middle of the forehead and also it indicates glory and belief towards god. 


Bells in temples

Bells in the ring of the temple are seen in the various Hindu in Nepal. The bells of the temple are used for ringing while praying with god or goddess and the sound of this bell is too clear to our mind. It will help to keep our concentration on devotion, stay sharp and calm.

In addition, those of the bells are made and put on the front of the temple in such a way they create unity in the right and left parts of our brain. The bell produces an echo to activate all of seven healing centers in the human body by clearing all our negativity. 


Throwing coins in a river

In past Nepal had a culture of making a copper made currency for exchanging goods. Before there was a barter system in the rule. It is also regarded as the vital metal for the human body. In the same way when you throw the coins in a river was a kind to intake sufficient copper as a part of the water in rivers flowing in Nepal were taken as the main source of drinking water. 


Not sleeping with your head pointing north

As science said that the human body has its own magnetic field. In the same way we all know that Earth is a giant magnet. The human head that points to the direction of your body’s magnetic field will be asymmetrical to the Earth. It will eventually cause many problems which are especially related to blood pressure since the head of humans needs to work harder in order to overcome this thing.


This is a scientific reason that painting heads towards the north is not good for health. There are also various roles and sayings in the culture of the Hindu religion for a long time.


Piercing ears

In Nepal piercing of ears is very common as many women do it in their ears to represent the beauty and glory of women. According to the physicians and various philosophers, they believe that piercing of ears helps them to develop the power of thinking, growing maturity, development of intellect, decision making faculties. This is an abstract reason why most women and also men used to pierce their ears.


Surya Namaskar

Most Hindu religious people have thought to pay special respect towards the sun as an ultimate God. There is a kind of whole process which is specially done in the early morning through Surya Namaskar. When you also go for waking up in the early morning helps to follow some kind of rule as a routine and to be prone to a morning lifestyle. 



Fasting is a complete religious trend that has been in effect in Nepal from the historic era. This is a special form of giving attention for God which helps to make the life of people healthy and prosperous. On the other hand Ayurvedic seems to be one of the basic causes of most diseases as for the accumulation of toxic materials that are inside the digestive system.  

The reason behind a religious fact there also a logical scientific fact is that the digestive organs of humans get rest  and all of our body system mechanisms are being cleaned and corrected in order.



The fascinating thing is that a sindoor is prepared by mixing turmeric, the metal mercury, and lime. The intrinsic which is due to sindoor helps in the body are mercury controls blood pressure control, activities sexual drive, and finally more things in the human body mechanism. 

Thus, the main properties of sindoor which should be applied right of the pituitary gland in the head are centered where our feelings are completely centered.

Wearing Bangles

The logic behind earring bangles causes constant friction within the wrist of hand atha also increases a blood circulation level in the human body. Furthermore, the electric current that passes through our outer skin can again be reverted by its one’s own body because of that ring-shaped bangles. 

The above mentioned are the various types of traditional; fact and scenario in Nepal people are following from the recent years and song sam from the very past to now. It has a lot of logic behind a single Hindu tradition in Nepal. So This is what you will really enjoy by seeing some of the miraculous things in Nepal during your visits. 


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