Always Carry Cash during the trek

Trekking to the Everest region is obviously an amazing trek and there you can’t even get any ATMs. When you land in Lukla, the beautiful village in Solukhumbu district, there are many things you can buy. This is why you should carry some amount of money.

We recommend you bring at least $150 to $200 worth. As exchange rates are also very dismal so bring rupees while moving form capital.

Take your own Tea

As you are trekking to the region of Everest, there are fewer places to buy tea and are also heavy and expensive. At the same time, hot water is a bit less cheap. You can buy hot water to make your own tea. It will be very good for you and to save your cash.

You can buy your own flavored tea in Kathmandu. You can bring varieties of tea so that you can enjoy a drink during the time of trekking in the Everest region of a country. In this way, you can enjoy your valuable trip and make a story in your life.

Gears shopping in Kathmandu

The important part of trekking to the Everest region is the gears. Those of the gears are easily available in Kathmandu mainly at Thamel.The trekking gears like sleeping bags, hats, down jackets, gloves, spike boot, socks, etc. Those of the items are really cheap and you can easily buy them at low prices as you expected. 

You can even buy fake gears but almost good quality like the north face, marmot clothing, and handwear. If you want an authentic and better store then you can easily find such stores for the mountaineering equipment. North face and Mountain hardware authentic shops supply great deals for the customer.

Everything you expected for climbing to mountain Everest can be available in the market near your stay. Possibly those of the items are the essential things you should take or carry during your adventurous trek in Everest Base camp.

Carry some Chocolate and extra treats that you like

Carrying some treats and chocolates is also essential for you. This will probably help you during the time of trekking in the Everest region. We recommend you to take this thing because chocolate and pringles are almost expensive. The rate of those items is almost double the real price that you can buy in Kathmandu.

At the time of trekking altitude level gets to us, such a situation comes down when you have a chocolate and descend down. You can buy chocolates in the capital Kathmandu and never forget to take it because it will really help you during the trek.

Booking your tour package by local

The tour packages are the most important tools for the trekking before making your plan for the trip. There are many local sectors and people who organize the travel by company. You can choose the best quality trip packages as you like. 

In the same way you can either choose a guide or porter and it depends upon your travel days and carrier. If you have less baggage to carry then we recommend you to take only a guide. There are many guides and porters who are working for a long time in the Himalayas with a bold experience. 

There are a lot of local people who run their own business and want to give them a shout out for their great work. They are the most powerful people called sherpa and recognized in the world for their work.


Carry your own first aid kit, your regular medicine sanitary tools

It is also necessary to carry a first aid box kit. This will help you during the time of injury or an accident that may eventually take place during the time  of trekking the Everest region of a country. At the same time if you’re also following any kinds of medications then first inform your personal guide and take your medicines with you.

The Himalayan regions are the most deadliest part in the Nepal and don’t ever forget you are traveling to the world highest region. Sometimes you may suffer from an incident while walking on trails. In such time first aid is the essential thing that will help you to recover fast.

One of the important medicines for the altitude symptoms is Diamo. You can buy it in Kathmandu and take it with you. The method of taking this medicine is ½ of a 500mg single tablet twice a day. 

Another important tools is sanitary things. On the way you have to take go for a washroom and some washrooms may not have toilet paper. At that time it will help you. On the other hand, females should not forget to take a sanitary pad if you are going with a menstruation cycle. 

Respect Local Culture

Always try to respect the culture followed by the local civilizations of a place. If you offend it then you have to go through the many illegal things. During the time of trekking prayer rocks around, flags and walls are specially meant to be placed on the right at all times.

We always suggest our guests respect and behave normal with the local people during the time of trekking. They will also respect and warmly welcome you in return. Another important thing you should do is also request or ask the person if they are going to take a photograph.

 Most of the people don’t want to give their photos so it is necessary nowadays. But at the same time, they will not definitely not neglect to give their smiley photographs. 

Take water purifier or purification tablets

The water is the most essential thing that you need every time during your trek to EBC. Water sources in the Himalayas areas are from the river, tap or from the various waterfall falling from the very height of the mountain. To avoid the germs water always carries some water purifying tablets or chlorine.

This is always necessary because you are not used to with the Himalayas water and can easily feel sick if you drink directly.

Sometimes stripes also work very fluently using the light produced by the source to purify water in just 3o secs. You can buy those chlorine or any kinds of water purifier like tablets in the city of Kathmandu before moving to trek. 

Take your favorite book

If possible and you are fond of reading books then take one favorite of yours during trek. Trekking to the base camp of Everest obviously takes several days and it may be a bit boring someday. 

If you have some time to sleep or rest in any kind of area then it will be the best time to look after the book that you want to read. This will help you to explore the imagination of writers and enjoy the essence of nature. The books can be brought from Kathmandu or the sherpa capital that is  Namche Bazaar. You can buy any kind of book in Kathmandu, so we recommend you take it for the capital. 

Take your own map and trekking book of EBC

Maps are also an important part of your trek. It will really help you to know the route and the destination you are standing in. Maps also show you the distance of the route and time calculation will be easy for you during the trek. EBC trekking books will be an essential tool for trekking.

This is an important part of the trekking due to the help of reference, for checking altitude level, altitude symptoms, and illness.

Select window seat while the flight to Lukla

The best way to sit inside the flight is front or back of the airplane on the left-hand side or any window for the best view while flying to Lukla. The mountains are located on the front side of a plane and for the view. On the other back are not even obscured by the plane wings.
We recommend you to choose the form window seat and enjoy the glamorous scenery of the Himalayas including the world highest peak Everest. This will be the most amazing journey that you have ever experienced in life. The views will be full of adventure, excitement, and awe-inspiring.

So above mentioned things are the essential tops for you to trek in the Everest region of a country. always try to through those tips. It will definitely help you have a most amazing trip in your life. 

Avoid eating meat after Namche bazaar

You may be fond of eating meat every day but while you are trekking it is not good to have meat. It is because the meat is made of animals and they don’t kill animals. It is very difficult to take fresh meat every day. 

So they put it in for a long time and it may not be good and fresh to eat. You may also suffer from stomach ache if you are not used to longer days of meat.If you really want to eat meat then please talk to your guide first about the quality of meat. 

The guide will, of course, help you in such a situation to choose the food and drinks. They will not be betrayed at such a time and you believe him/her.


Make sure to have these following things

  • Advil or your choice of pain reliever
  • Decongestants
  • lip balm and sunscreen is a must.
  • Nasal lubricant – I had a woman give me salve for my sinuses to moisten them. My nasal cavities dried out and I suffered from severe nose bleeds which were quite scary. I will always have a lubricant for my nose from now on.