The present condition of COVID-19 in Nepal

The world is going through the massive domination of Coronavirus in the world. Starting from January 2019, an outbreak of the Novel CoronaVirus has speeded very progressively throughout the countries to countries. The WHO (World Health Organization) has also already alarmed by declaring that it is the Public Health emergency taking as an international concern. The affected countries beyond china are others like in Asia including the country of Nepal. A person from Nepal as a student at the Wuhan University of Technology, a 32-year-old man, on the date of January 13, 2020, at Wuhan China they don’t have any history of commodities being returned to Nepal is safe. They are presented in the outpatient department of Infectious Disease Hospital in Nepal found having some cough regularly. 

This man was ill on Jan 3 and ultimately he returned to Kathmandu six days before. He was admitted to Hospital and goes for the isolation process for some time. After the proper isolation and treatment with the many broad-spectrum antibiotics and various uses of supportive therapy make a will to recover fast. After some period he goes in the mild level of difficulty in breathing and also has ultimately decreased the saturation of oxygen. This is how he was an example to know about transmitting the Coronavirus to person to person. The outbreak has resulted in thousands number of deaths in the world. Talking about the other countries the Coronavirus mainly attacked the old people, a person with a more fear, and ill people for a long time. This is the reason why corona can easily fertilize and act whatever they want to do with our human cell and system.
He came back home before six days.  

Is Nepal a safe zone to travel to?

As we all know that Nepal is a Himalayan nation that is surrounded by the two massive powerful countries in the world India and China. Being alongside the border form of China, every year thousands of Nepalese travel China for various purposes. Most of them are living as a student, health sector and any kinds of fields.  In the same way, many of the tourists are also in Nepal for a long time as a tourist and traveling to many destinations in Nepal. This is the fact that Nepal is sharing this kind of border with India and China and it is very sure in most people’s minds that Coronavirus has already entered Nepal. In the same way, there are also not any cases that have proven a single person has suffered from coronavirus. 

Despite these kinds of things, Our neighboring country China and their people were walking around the street every time in Nepal. But few people are in the cases of illness and not the actual coronavirus patient. In Nepal,   we can see in the news that one old 32 years old man was suspected to be the patient of coronavirus but recovered very fast. The thing is he was supposed to be a coronavirus patient when he was in Wuhan and now he was safely admitted in the Kathmandu Hospital for recovery. The good news is the patient who was suspected to be a victim of the corona has been released after the full day of the quarantine check.

If you really want to travel to Nepal and are afraid of the epidemic of coronavirus then you are not allowed to hold back in this place. The Government of Nepal is also making its step high and trying to prevent the act of Novel coronavirus in a country. This will help us to be the safest nation without an epidemic of corona and message to the world for not giving viruses to enter inside the nation. As we have already published the big thing happening in our country with a high amount of expectations. The main thing is to Visit Nepal 2020. This is what we are going to celebrate with the higher number of tourists inflow in the country as expected. To now Nepal has been so much safe and not even a single case has made a panic situation. In the same way, the safest place to travel in Nepal until now.  You should take various types of precautions to maintain your health and stability to enter Nepal.

As we know that Nepal is a rich country in the context of cultural diversity and the natural environment. Talking about the medical report that has been released by the government of Nepal. The Health ministry in Nepal has reported a health emergency with the diagnosed coronavirus in a country. The large outbreak of Coronavirus has involved many INGO and NGOs to make a special collaboration and participation to fight against such a huge problem in the world. To assure you a quite easy journey in Nepal because the outbreak of corona will not that much hamper your trip. We also recommend you to travel for the most exciting journey in the world’s highest region in the world. We will make sure up to now that there is no fear of such dangerous viruses in Nepal and you can explore easily as you want. 


Some of the measures which have been taken by the government to control virus spreading to the whole country. Are mentioned briefly.


The world is going through the epidemic of Coronavirus and making many things save their land. As we are also concerned about the issues of Coronavirus entering Nepal. Nepal has already stopped every trade with china from the border and closed Rasuwagadhi form Jan 28. This border is the major trading point between China and Nepal for a long time. This leads to massive enjoy inflation to the country and lack of daily products to the Nepalese market and households. But this is the utmost situation and health come first so this is the quick decision taken by the government of Nepal. The government also trying to reach every person home to treat them as soon as possible. Unfortunately and luckily we are not even facing a single trauma of such virus.

Apart from all these things being closed at the Rasuwagadhi border, Nepal is also planning to suspend all the flights coming from China to Nepal. There is a proper and medical help desk in Tribhuvan International Airport and many checkpoints for safety and to avoid coming virus to Nepal. If some with a conformed case will be immediately taken to the hospital and keep them to the isolation ward for further treatments. If someone with such difficulty and has no access to anyone can directly inform to the health ministry. They will take care and gives you special health treatments as you will be suspected as a coronavirus patient or not. This is a very effective and careful measure that has been taken by the authority to control and prevent such cases related to COVID19. 

Affect of Corona Virus and Nepal Tourism Year 2020

The Ministry of culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation MoCTCA has already announced the big celebrations of ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’. The aim of this program is to attract as many foreigners as possible up to two million and will probably meet as much as revenue to the country. We are ready to welcome our guests from various nations with lots of empowerment and happiness. At the same time, we are very happy to show our religion, culture, architecture, social norms and values, art, dances, and everything as much as we can. We have also invested thousands of dollars in promotional activities in many countries. , Most of the countries are visited by Minister Yogesh Bhattrai, The Tourism Minister to promote visit Nepal year.

Began from two years ago the government has planned a most fascinating role to promote the VNY. this is how we are making sure to have big resources of income as we can as possible at the same time. The target was also amazing and try to provide them lots of hospitable things that they will never expect. Up to a’ll this we have not left a single back up plan if VIsit Nepal year could be suspended. At the same time, we are going through the massive outburst of Coronavirus started from China, Wuhan.