Ranikot Hiking

Itinerary Summary : Ranikot Hiking

Day 01 : Ranikot Hiking

The hike starts from the Suryabinayak temple during the early hours of the day. The journey begins with a drive to Surya Binayak temple. From here, you start your hike toward the villages along with a mixture of road and off-beaten trails. You will pass through lush forests filled with radiant flowers. The view gets more mesmerizing as proceed uphill whereupon an hour you will be reaching the Pilot Baba ashram. Again after walking for an hour you will reach a lush hill known as the Ghamde Danda where you can take a break. You will now finally reach Ranikot village after almost an hour where you can enjoy the marvelous view and have lunch here. After visiting the Bhairav temple and the Ranikot fort, you will return to Kathmandu.

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