Manaslu Trek is the bold and popular trek among the other trekking destination in Nepal. The trek to the Manaslu circuit was opened for the international tourist in 1992. This is the location in which a glimpse that is given by location is in a rich way of life history, natural variations, beauty, etc and so on. The most amazing trek to the Circuit of Manaslu is a unique kind of opportunity to get a bit of experience a reason which can be an “untouched” region in a country. This is a super beauty that lies along at the border of Tibet and Nepal.  One of the most important breathtaking perspectives of the various mountain like Mt. Ganesh Himal, Mt. Himalchuli, Mt. Manaslu which goes itself and other different mountains in the region Circuit of Manaslu trek interesting and adventurous.

One of the major attractions of the trek is about the ten highest mountain peaks over 6500m above sea level. The conservation area is in the focal element during the time of trekking that also helps to explain why this trek is a difficult trek as a quest. In the same way, if the trekkers like you planning to trek alone in the Manaslu region is it not possible. We should clarify that the Manaslu circuit trek to this region without a guide is possible or not. This trek is, of course, amazing but you should always be prepared to make yourself comfortable for the trekking activities by planning the trek properly.

How difficult is the Manaslu Circuit Trekking?

As we also know that Manaslu trek in this region of a country help to trek in the best and amazing foothills of Mt. Manaslu. Talking about the initial trekking destination, it starts from the place of Arughat, at the district of Gorkha which extends to be one of the highest passes is Larkya la pass. This is also taken as the novel trek and sad to say that this destination is seriously affected by the massive earthquake of Gorkha as the epicenter in 2015. As we have been gone through the hose of the massive disaster but also we are strong enough to conquer ourselves and walk properly these days by not seeing the past.

But at the same time, it is the happiest thing that the route is well equipped and the trekkers can comfortably trek in these regions like Annapurna and Everest region in Nepal. In addition, the level of infrastructure of development is properly implemented to make sure that tourists can trek properly and make a life challenging and never forgetting moment in Nepal.

Taking about the geography of this region Manaslu trek is a remote and rugged form of trekking.

Talking about the condition of trail in this region sometimes it turns into a steep, sloppy, rocky and numerous boulders. This is more important that you need to be so much care during the time of trekking. There must be one another thing that you should always be known is physical fitness and quite good preparation to strengthen you finish the trek and success.  We can say there is various type of difficulty in the Manaslu trek. Some of them are difficult concerning the destination and distance of a place that will lead toward the circuit. This lies in the northern Mountain massif ranges, the west-central region in the district of Gorkha is about 8,163m above sea level in the world’s highest eighth Manaslu.

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