–  Beautiful rhododendrons from Deng up to Shyala
– Cool temperatures, warm and bright days
– A best clear view of the snow-capped mountains including Mt. Manaslu 8118m
– More stable weather conditions
– Enjoy waterfalls and hot springs, while walking along one of Nepal’s longest rivers – the Marsyangdi
– Traditional village lifestyle and culture
– Tibetan culture and high pass crossing Larke la (5210m)

Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather in March

The month of March is the best month for the trekkers who want to experience the tranquility as well as the most fascinating beauties of the trail in the Manaslu region. The bright days in this region, as well as cool temperatures, look more interesting and perfect for trekkers. The temperature level of these areas started to rise to a level of cool from 2 to 8-degree centigrade in the higher elevation of the region. In the lower altitude region, we can enjoy the warm days, clear blue skies, etc and many more.  At this period of time, you can only enjoy your walking time by wearing just shorts and t-shirts during the trek.  

Moreover, at this time, the lakes in this region look from]zen that begins to thaw out. In this region, you can see new buds begin to sprout and streams also started to fill full. You are also offered various this regarding a picturesque view of the peaceful environment that will definitely help you in capturing the most amazing moments in the camera as a picture. The best thing to know about this month or a season is that it is the safest season to explore by trekking and expedition in the Manaslu region in Nepal. There are very many low-risk factors than in other seasons in Manaslu regions such as landslides, low risk, and other various climatic hazards. 

Manaslu region trekking difficulty 

Manaslu circuit trek is the ultimate destination for the adventurous trek in this region of a country. We can say that the month of March is the best time to have a beautiful trek. Talking about the weather condition it looks pleasant that it also makes about 50 percent easier trekking experience in the Manaslu region. However, we cannot assume the perfect time and weather condition of the Himalayas because it is unpredictable. Hence we can say that it will be more good if you research the level of temperatures of this region and weather forecasts before going for their trek in the Manaslu region. In the same way, the temperature of this region gets drops by the increase in the elevation of the Himalayas. 

The region of Manaslu circuit trek will take us from the 700m elevation at the soti up the region of 5160m at Larkya La Pass. There are also higher chances of risk for altitude sickness and need to walk about 6 to 8 hours each day in this region of a country. In the higher region, the trekking becomes more and more difficult in the higher elevation.