Far Western Region of Nepal

By far the most underrated traveling destination of Nepal, the Far West Region holds great potential as a tourist attraction. National parks, flat and high lands, rivers, mountain ranges, lakes, and culturally rich communities, all of these comprises the Far West region of Nepal. Moreover, owing to the rare traveler-influx in the region, the trails are as pristine as one can get. Irrigated by the Mahakali River, the Far Western region also houses the magnificent Api Nampa Conservation Area and Khaptad National Park.

From flatlands to an elevation of 7132m, the far west region is a diverse area irrigated by the majestic river systems of Mahakali and Seti. Combining the climatic zones this region has to offer, the visitors get to experience the rich wildlife of Terai, hill stations of middle hills and the spectacular view of the Himalayas. With three major cities Dhangadi, Tikapur, and Mahendranagar standing as the drop points, this region has good transport and lodging facilities. Some of the major attractions of this region include Khaptad National Park, Api Nampa Conservation Area. These areas hold a diverse range of flora and fauna. Khaptad National Park represents the hilly region ecosystem. With an elevation of 1400m to 3300m, this park holds steep slopes covered by vegetation and forests.

Api Nampa Conservation area is one of the most remote areas of Nepal composed of the Himalayan ecosystem. The area is named after the Mount Api (7132m) and Nampa (6757m). The far west region of Nepal is home to some beautiful lakes in Nepal including Jokhar, Ghodagodhi, and Surma Sarovar.  Aside from these landmarks, Rafting in the Karnali is one adventure sport to look out for in the far west region. As for the cultural experience, the flat land Terai is rich in traditional communities. The Tharu villages allow you to experience their rural life, their art, and traditional dance. With the exploration here, you get to see the tools and means of transport the Tharu people use in their day to day life.

Concluding the far west region of Nepal, it offers you a wide range of climatic diversity with beautiful landmarks and culturally rich people. From the serenity of the natural reserves to the majesty of the Himalayas and cultural opulence of ethnic communities to the glorious rivers, Far Western region is a marvel to awe upon.