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Api Saipal Trek Highlights:

  • The stunning natural beauty of far-western Nepal
  • Mesmerizing views of the Himalayas including the majestic Api (7,132m) and Saipal (7,031m) Himal
  • Adorned with a wide variety of cultures, religions, and way of life of the Thakuri and Tibetan communities
  • Witness amazing bio-diversity of the far-western region

The API Saipal Trek is a lovely trail between the borders of the Himalayas. The trail heads through the remote far-western region of Nepal. Towards the northern frontier of the nation bordering Tibet lie two majestic Himalayas, namely Api Himal (7,132m) and Saipal Himal (7,031m).

Api Himal (7,132m), Saipa Himal (7,013m), Mt. Thada Dhunga Tuppa (5,368m), Mt. Nindari (7,817m) and Rajamba (6,537) shouldered by the majestic Himalayan range make up a mesmerizing mountain panorama captivating our eyes and hearts alike. The trek also grants an introduction to the Thakuri and Tibetan communities along the trail.

Getting There

The journey begins as we head out from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj enjoying the lovely natural scenery from up above. Landing at Nepalgunj, we explore the Terai city which presents us with totally different landscapes as compared to the Kathmandu Valley.

Next up is the far western city of Dadeldhura which takes to one of the most remote parts of the nation. Enjoying the rural landscapes, the journey picks up pace gaining altitude as we head towards Chainpur for the night. Taking a day off Chainpur, we journey around the surrounding regions exploring the cultural and natural beauty. Entering the lush green forests, we take on the diverse variety of floras and faunas as the trail heads off to Talkot.

For the final stage of our ascent, the journey heads Jima or Ghat. Crossing the stunning hamlet of Panthera en route, the trail takes us to the Saipal Himal High Camp. Throughout the journey, we are blessed with enchanting views of the Himalayas including the majestic Api (7,132m) and Saipal (7,031m) mountains.

Taking a day off for an exploration of High Camp, we head back to Panthera before making our way down to Kurio and then onto Agloghat. The final day takes us back to Chainpur from where we drive to Nepalgunj and fly back to Kathmandu.

We, here at Nepal Alibaba Treks, love journeying into unexplored regions waiting to be discovered. With services to remove all your burdens for the travel we enable you to enjoy to the fullest. Head down with us and we will make sure the journey will be an unforgettable one.

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Itinerary Summary

Day Day 01 : Arrival Kathmandu

After arriving at Tribhuvan International Airport our representatives will meet up with you just outside the arrival lounge and you will be driven directly to the hotel. After freshening up from the day's journey you will be introduced to the guides and other members of the staff. With the activities of the day over you are free to head down to the local area enjoying the stunning views of sunset.
Today we begin our day early heading back to the airport after a lovely breakfast heading to the city of Nepalgunj. The forty minute flight takes us through some of the most stunning landscapes flying out of the rising hills of the valley and flatlands of Terai. After resting for a bit, you are free to head out to the city enjoying the local cultures, art and artefacts and local delicacies. Overnight in Kathmandu.
Today we make our way heading to the town of Dadeldhura for the night. The journey takes us through the plain Terai landscapes making our way through the East West Highway heading farther west. Taking on the winding bends of Mahakali Highway the final stretch of our journey takes us further up north ascending towards the remote city of Dadeldhura. Overnight in Dadeldhura.
Another long day of bus ride awaits us as we make our way head towards the city of Chainpur. Heading out of Mahakali Highway, the journey makes its way through countless rural hamlets and natural landscapes before settling down on the Seti Highway. Crossings several streams and rivers, the journey enters dense forests winding through stunning views of floras and faunas. Leaving Seti Highway behind, we take on the pathways leading to Chainpur. Overnight in Chainpur.
Today we take a day off at the hamlet of Chainpur enjoying the glorious rural landscapes of the region. The hamlet boasts captivating views of the Himalayas and is adorned with terraced farm lands. The hamlet also houses an airstrip alongside the limited number of settlements. Enjoying the rural landscape of Nepal today offers a much needed rest from our days of continuous travel. Overnight in Chainpur.
The beginning of the trek today we make our way towards the hamlet of Talkot ascending through the lovely hilly trail. The journey takes us through lush green forests as we head deeper into the valley. Enjoying the views of rural Nepal, the journey snakes through forests rarely bumping into settlements en route. The rising altitudes is reflected as the scenes beyond the lush hills give us our first real look at the Himalayas. Overnight in Talkot.
Today, we continue our trekking making our way towards the hamlet of Ghat. The journey is a lovely one covering stunning Himalayan landscapes. Leaving behind the hilly trail the journey takes on the rugged Himalayan one ascending gently through the thinning forests. Enjoying the views of the Himalayas on the horizon including our first look at the Mt. Api (7,132m), we gradually ascend through the steeper trail. Jima welcomes us with traditional houses and lifestyle. Overnight in Jima or Ghat.
Today, we head towards the hamlet of Panshera our final stop before making our way to Saipal High Camp. The journey is a lovely one heading through snowy trails as we continue to make steep ascents throughout the trek. The lush green forests are replaced by the alpine vegetation and the hills are replaced by the Himalayas. We arrive at Panshera just in time to enjoy the sunset over the Himalayas. Overnight in Panshera.
The journey reaches its culmination as we make our way towards the Sipal High Camp. Located at an altitude of 4500m the camp is blessed with stunning views of the Himalayas including Api Himal (7,132m), Saipal Himal (7,013m), Mt. Thada Dhunga Tuppa (5,368m), Mt. Nindari (7,817m), and Rajamba (6,537). With the landscapes comprising of Himalayas as far as Tibet, the day takes us through steep icy pathways for the most part to arrive at High Camp. Overnight in High Camp.
Today, we take a day off at High Camp enjoying the stunning Himalayan landscape. Kicking off the day with the mesmerizing views of the morning sun rising over the Himalayas, we begin our exploration of the High Camp. Hiking to nearby areas, we take in the views of the Himalayas while also looking down at the lush green valley’s extending beneath us. The day is a pleasant one adorned with stunning views and relaxing journeys.
Beginning our descent, the trail heads back to the hamlet of Panshera. Leaving the Himalayas behind, we make our way gradually navigating past the icefalls and glacial moraines which dominates most part of our trek. Arriving at Panshera, we partake in a lovely Himalayan dinner to celebrate our successful attempt of the High Camp. Overnight at Panshera.
The final stretch of the trek today, we make our way back to Kurio for the night. Leaving behind the rugged trail, the journey once again finds itself in the lovely hilly route heading away from the Himalayas. Extending through the lush green forests, the trail is not short of natural beauty and vibrant settlements add to the cultural beauty of the trek. We arrive in Kurio just in time to enjoy lovely views of the sunset. Overnight in Kurio.
Once again, the trail enters the lush green forests crossing several streams en route. Making our way past suspension bridges, the trail makes its way through pleasant pathways avoiding any steeper sections. Throughout the journey, you are more likely to come across locals heading in and out of the region as this area sees more crowds than any place we crossed on our way.
The final day of trek today, we make our way back to the hamlet of Chainpur completing the Himalayan circuit. Today also presents us with the final opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the Himalayas as the rising hills permanently eclipse take their place. Enjoying the rural landscapes and cultures, we make our way back to the hamlet of Chainpur. Overnight in Chainpur.
The final day of the trek we make our way heading back to Kathmandu. From Chainpur, we take a short drive south to arrive at Nepalgunj. Flying out of the Nepalgunj, we are provided with one final chance to witness the views of the Himalayas. The forty minute flight is a pleasant one as we land back at Kathmandu. Heading directly back to the hotel, you prepare for your final departure back home.
As your trip in Nepal comes to an end, a company representative will accompany you as you head back to the airport. We hope we have been a great companion on the journey. Goodbye!


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