Humla Region

One of the most remote regions of Nepal, Humla is located in the western front of Nepal. Accessed by inconsistent airways and road transport, Humla Region is a hidden gem for tourists that are looking for a remote and cultural experience here in Nepal. The region is a true enigma to the visitors and an ideal choice to the ones seeking to dwell in the wilderness of north-western Nepal.

Although underdeveloped in terms of infrastructures, Humla Region is extremely opulent when considering the nature and cultural assets. Also targeted as a religious destination, the Humla Region is visited for Kharpunath Temple, Yalbang Gumba, Raling Gumba, and Shiva Mandir. Some of the major highlights of Humla region are Kermi hot spring, Changla Himal (6563m), Dudhe Daha, and the Karnali River. One of the major attractions of the Humla region is rafting in this majestic river. Limi Valley also boasts of a huge potential for tourism and adventurous journeys incorporating astounding Tibetan culture en route. Simikot is the gateway to many of the trips in the Humla region and even the Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar trip which extends north to the Tibetan Plateau. The major of villages are home to ethnic groups including Chhetri, Thakuri, Brahmins, and other occupational castes. The region houses Tibetan-influenced communities to the north and Hindu-inclined settlements towards the south. The trekking in the Humla Region offers a challenging and steep hike through terrace fields, cascading waterfalls, lakes, lush forests of pine trees, deep gorges with snow-capped mountains in sight. Simikot Trek is the adventurous escape you are seeking in the Humla region if you are up for a challenging trek through passes and valleys alongside raw nature. Limi Valley Trek is yet another trip exploring the wilderness of the Humla region.

With rainy summers and chilly winters, visiting the Humla region at those seasons is difficult. Autumn which usually is September to November and spring which is March to May is the best time to be here at Humla Region. Transportation is easier in those seasons. The trekking routes are a little pleasant and the view is clearer. If you are looking for a remote experience among one of the most isolated communities of Nepal, then, Humla Region will shine above your expectations.