Jumla and Rara Region

Jumla and Rara region in western Nepal grant insightful adventures into the naturally divine lands made more glorious by the Rara National Park. Lying between the esteemed Humla and Dolpo regions, the Jumla and Rara region offers solitude along the travel-trails which is often said to sprout seeds of spiritual awakening among travelers. Exploring the indigenous ethnicities along the region, the Jumla and Rara region host the people following a nomadic lifestyle and Bon Po religion as well.

The region, home to the largest lake in Nepal, Rara Lake, also offers easy access to the trekking trails once the visitors land at the Talcha airport. A short walk from here takes you within the premise of the Rara National Park granting access to desolate trails which offer sublime sceneries. Due to its subalpine nature, the region holds a wide range of flora and fauna. The region is home to more than 236 species of birds and pine forests which makes it an ideal bird watching destination.

An adventure filled trekking pass Chuchemara Hill (4090m) is an experience to look out for in this region. The region also thrives in terms of exotic animals such as Red Panda, Musk deer, Snow leopard, and many more. The forests of Rhododendron, brown oak and fir brilliantly accompany the travelers along the trips in the Jumla and Rara region. Jumla and Rara Region offer you an experience of typical Khas and Thakuri culture. The people still lack access to the modern luxuries allowing you to experience authentic tradition and lifestyle across the entire region. Jumla and Rara Lake along the Sinja valley is an adventurous way to explore the region. The region also allows for travels to extend to Humla, Khaptad National Park, and Dolpo region.

Considering the elevation of around 3500 meters and the remote locations you will be experiencing in the Jumla and Rara region, the ideal time to visit is from the months of March to May. The weather is pleasant and the forests are lush with rhododendron. However, September to November is considered the best time for visiting Rara Lake. Experience natural ingenuity and genuine culture in the Jumla and Rara region.