Rolwaling Region

Located to the west of Khumbu Region, Rolwaling Region extends to the Bhote Koshi River alongside the Araniko Highway. One of the least-traveled destinations in Nepal, the Rolwaling region holds one of the toughest treks and climbs that the land of Himalayas has to offer. The Rolwaling region is also famous for sporting the communities of Sherpa, Brahmin, and Chhetri which deliver an authentic display of the traditional cultural norms, values, and cultures.

With the region existing between Everest and Langtang regions, the expanse of the Rolwaling lands is filled with narrow valleys, rivers, and breathtaking views of the Himalayas. The highlights of the Rolwaling Region are the Rolwaling valley, Khumbu, and  Tamang villages along with numerous arduous passes. The region is abundant in wildlife, mountains, glacial lakes, and isolated villages. The area is rich in wildlife consisting of exotic flora and fauna as it is rarely touched.  The narrow valleys of Rolwaling open at villages of Na and Bedding. Trips in the Rolwaling region allow you to view the Mt. Everest (8848m), Mt. Dorje Lakpa (6966m), and Mt. Gaurishankar (7134m) along with many others in the Everest and Langtang massif. Besides these majestic mountains, the region holds beautiful ice lakes and steep glaciers.

Tsho Rolpa is one ice lake you wouldn’t want to miss when you are in the Rolwaling region. Trakarding and Drolambau glaciers pave the way to the treacherous pass of Tashi Labsta La (5755m), one of the most dangerous and imposing passes in the entire country. Similarly, the story of lower Rolwaling tells different stories altogether. Pikey Peak (4068m) and Thuptenchholing monasteries are mellow travels to witness the magnitude of both nature and culture predominating the entire Rolwaling region. The tracks in Rolwaling region join to the Khumbu valley route which heads to the Everest region.

Rolwaling Region is enclosed by Tibet to the north; so, one can see the influence in the culture and religion from the autonomous state of China. The villages in the Rolwaling Region give you a rich and unadulterated cultural experience during the stays. The best time to visit the Rolwaling region starts from February and ends in June and again after a good gap starts from September and ends in November. July and August are considered good too but the rain might trouble you with hard travel conditions and view blockage. If it’s an adventurous escape you are seeking for in Nepal, then Rolwaling region is your destination.