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The majestic Mount Kailash (6638m) has great religious significance to the Hindu and Buddhist adherents. As such, the Kathmandu Simikot Kailash KerungTrek takes you deep into the desolate lands of Tibet, where you’ll get to witness the majestic seat of Lord Shiva along with the silent lakes of Mansarovar and Rakshas. Dwell further into the Tibetan plateau and find yourself admiring the lavish vistas along with the rich history of the Dira Phug Monastery. If you desire serenity and religious touch to your trip, then this is the place to be.

This 21-day Kathmandu Simikot Kailash Kerung Trek commences once all the legal formalities in Kathmandu are finished. Catch a plane that leads to Nepalgunj and catches another one leading to Humla. The remote trail takes us on the Karnali River and into the Dhara Pokhari village. Relax for a while at the hot springs in Kermi and proceed towards Muchu. After resting for a while, we walk on the Tumkot ridge and ascent the dreaded Nara La Pass (4560m). From here, the trail moves to Sipsip. The road leads to the final village in the Nepal-Tibet border, Hilsa. After getting our documents checked, we cordially enter Tibet and begin the drive to Taklakot. After visiting the Simbling monastery, we make our way to Lake Mansarovar. A long drive takes us to Darchen the next day and we can admire the Rakshas Lake on the road. The trail then heads to the Dira Phug Monastery. Heading towards Zuthrul Phug monastery, we shall climb the Dolma Pass (5660m). Later, we shall head back to Darchen and later to Saga. From here, we drive to the Tamang settlement of Sybrubensi via Kerung. After completing the formalities, we head back to Kathmandu where the trip shall end. If you want to take the Kathmandu Simikot Kailash Kerung Trek or any other treks in Nepal or Tibet, we, at Nepal Alibaba Treks, are the best choice. We have years of experience in conducting such overland and inland tours. Our trained personnel will make sure that you get your money’s worth and your trip becomes memorable. 

Trip Highlights:

  • Visit the holy lakes of Mansarovar and Rakshas
  • Take a holy Kora around the magnificent Mt. Kailash (6638m)
  • Visit ancient monasteries in Tibet like Dira Phug monastery and Zuthrul Phug monastery
  • Drive along the majestic Tibetan landscape

Itinerary Summary

Day Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu

Your arrival in Nepal will be marked by the mighty Himalayas. You will shortly land at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Thereafter, a company representative will welcome you and take you to the hotel in the city. You can also choose to explore the valley if you arrive early.
The objective for the day is to take a quick and short view of the major UNESCO world heritage sites of the Kathmandu valley which include Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, and Boudhanath. Kathmandu has 4 more UNESCO World Heritage sites which are more than worth a visit. After lunch, we can head out to the Kathmandu Durbar Square. Alternatively, we can also prepare for the trek and buy the necessary equipment. Overnight in Kathmandu.
Fulfilling the legal formalities before heading out to Kailash is necessary. Without the required paperwork, we won't be able to start the trek. We shall make sure that the required documents are prepared today. In the meantime, we can even visit sites like Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and Changunarayan temple. Overnight in Kathmandu.
The day begins as we head out to the airport for a one-hour flight that takes us to Nepalgunj. The flight offers beautiful views of a diverse Nepali landscape. Nepalgunj is a major city in the Terai region and it lies close to the India border. You can explore the Nepalgunj bazaar and visit a local zoo as well. Overnight in Nepalgunj.
Another flight awaits us today which will lead us to Simikot, Humla. The people here are greatly influenced by the lifestyle of the neighboring state of Tibet. We make our way along the banks of the Karnali River and cross the Tuling village. After having lunch here, we move ahead and stop only after arriving at Dhara Pokhari. Overnight in Dhara Pokhari.
The trail goes along the Karnali River and cultivated fields of barley and buckwheat. You can spend some time in the hot springs before Kermi. There are monasteries like Laikyo Gompa and Lhundrup Choeling Gompa which are worth a visit. After spending the afternoon in Kermi, we cross a pass and finally arrive at the Salli Khola. Overnight in Salli Khola.
As we move ahead, the tranquil waters of Humla Karnali accompany us. We can see goat herders on the wide fields and as we move forward, we can clearly see the settlements of Yalbang and Yangar. The trail movers dangerously across the steep slopes before stopping at Muchu. It is a Buddhist village on the desolate parts of Humla. Overnight in Muchu.
Today, we won't be doing any activities that strain out bodies. Rather, the day will be spent on resting and preparing ourselves for the difficult trek that lies ahead. Take some time off and interact with the locals residing in these rural parts and learn more about their culture and traditions. Overnight in Muchu.
The trail sees a gradual increase in altitude that follows the ridge of the Tumkot Khola. As we navigate along the steep gully, we arrive at Palbang. We will visit the Yari village and spend some time to witness the local way of life and culture. Next, we make way to the top of the Nara La Pass (4560m). From the pass, the trail goes down to reach Sipsip. You can find small settlements here. Overnight in Sipsip.
We will reach the last Nepali settlement before heading out to Tibet today. You can see huge gates and border police in that area. To reach here, we need to walk along the Karnali River. In this village, we also come across pilgrims and travelers who are on the way to Kailash and Limi Valley. Spend the day here and prepare to enter Tibet tomorrow. Overnight in Hilsa.
After fulfilling the legal formalities, we shall cross the Friendship Bridge and enter Tibet. We will aim to reach Taklakot. We have the option of either traveling on foot or travelling by car. The journey takes you along the dry Tibetan plateau. It is a small settlement on the Purang County. You can find small guesthouses and lodges here. Overnight in Taklakot.
Today is the second of our acclimatization days and we take proper rest before we continue ahead. We shall prepare for the coming journey by correctly managing our documents and luggage. You can spend some time visiting the Simbling Monastery. Learn about the prevalent Buddhist culture and the influence of the monastery on the local people. Overnight in Taklakot.
From Taklakot, we get on a bus and drive towards the holy Lake Mansarovar. The drive covers a distance of 50 km and it gives you a brief insight of the landscape of Tibet which consists of barren lands and arid valleys. Lake Mansarovar is a holy place for Hindus and Buddhists alike. We can even see Mount Kailash (6638m) here. Near the Mansarovar Lake, lies the Rakshas Lake. It is believed that whoever baths in the Mansarovar Lake is freed from all sorts of sins. Overnight in Lake Mansarovar.
Start the day by praying in Lake Mansarovar and bathe in its holy water. After breakfast, we get on a bus to Darchen. The road is well built and we shall pass the Rakshas Lake. This lake is salty and is bereft of life. We arrive at Darchen during the day. It sits right in front of the holy Mount Kailash (6638m) and is a hub for pilgrims. You can catch pilgrims here who are doing Kora. This area is desolate and is a great place to observe the silence of nature. Overnight in Darchen.
The road to Dira Phug monastery covers at least 20 km and sees a sudden increase in altitude. We walk on the Lhach valley and head out to Tarboche. We walk admiring the illustrious red cliffs. As we move ahead, we reach the Chhuku monastery which dates back to the 13th century. From here, it’s a 3-hour walk to reach the Dira Phug Monastery. It is a great place to observe the northern face of Mt. Kailash and observe the sunrise. Overnight in Dira Phug Monastery.
The Zuthrul Phug monastery has a long history. Many believe that it was created by Master Milarepa. To reach this monastery is not an easy task as the trails are steeper and more difficult. We must also cross the difficult Dolma La Pass (5660m). The path is technical but after following the guidance of our guide you can cross it. The summit of the pass is decorated with prayer flags. From here, we head down to the monastery. Overnight in Zuthrul Phug Monastery.
From the Zuthrul Phug monastery, we slowly make our way back to Darchen. We have the option of either traveling by foot or by bus. We head to the Braka Plain with the constant company of the Mt. Kailash (6638m). If we drive to Darchen, we can also explore around for the rest of the day. Once in Darchen, head back to your hotel. Overnight in Darchen.
Wake up early, and get on a bus that leads you to Saga. This ride lasts for about 8 hours and we shall take numerous stops along the way. The road to Saga goes through the Dago la mountain pass and is a great place to observe the Ratna Chuli Mountain. The road crosses numerous passes and barren lands to reach Saga. Overnight in Saga.
From Saga, we will head to Nepal today. The road takes us to Kerung first. It is a town which sits near the border of Nepal and Tibet. Have lunch here and then move to Sybrubensi. It is a Tamang settlement and is filled with lodges and teahouses. It is also the starting phase of the trips in the Langtang region. Overnight in Sybrubensi.
From Sybrubensi, we shall get on a bus and head towards Kathmandu. The road is a blend of many ups and downs. We shall drive along the Prithvi highway and observe the roaring Trishuli River and green hills. We arrive at Kathmandu after driving for at least 6 hours. Once in Kathmandu, head to your hotel. Overnight in Kathmandu.
The adventurous Kathmandu Kailash Trek comes to an end on this day. You can explore around Kathmandu according to your flight schedule. You can do some shopping as well. We bid you farewell and hope to see you on your next visit to Nepal or Tibet.


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