Mount Everest base camp trek is not easy as people think or its not hard as well. Below we mentioned the 10 tips for Everest Base Camp Trek.

1. Manage or buy your Gears in Capital

You should manage all of your trekking gears in Kathmandu. In the capital, you can get the shop for the gear for your trek to Everest base camp. You don’t even need to worry about the price because you get this item very cheap in the market. Some of the gears that must be with you are 


-Down jack

-Sleeping bags

-Trekking poles

-Sleeping bags

-Mountain Hardwear

There you can also see some branded products at a very cheap price but they are a fake product. So be aware of those products in the market. There are some authentic clothing and gears stores where you can get proper mountaineering equipment

2. Always have some cash on your pocket

It is also necessary to bring some amount of money with yourself. It is because you are going to the most stunning place on the earth where there is no access to ATMs in Namchebazzar or Lukla. There is also the exchange rates which are in a dismal. 

If you saw something different and unique products or things that are selling in the market, then your cash will help you to buy it in that situation. You may also want to taste some food in the village of the sherpa community then your pocket money will really help in such a situation. At least bring up to $150 to$200 worthwhile moving in the Everest base camp trek. 

3. Prepare Mentally

While beginning your trip you must be mentally prepared in order to be more comfortable with the outdoors tours. You must be well known about mountain life because you are going to experience the coldest place in life. In the mountainous, you may have a problem with clod fever and many illnesses make sure to have better care. 

Do not pressurize the condition while moving to the Everfest region because this region is extremely cold and there will be a lack of oxygen and may also suffer from altitude sickness. 

4. Chocolates and Extra treats need to be brought by yourself

 This could be the most important tip for your trip some chocolates and Pringles looks more expensive so if you have your own little stash for the treats is very nice. In a different moment or at the time of altitude gets to us, one and only things that feel nice going down is sweets or chocolates.

This will be a very good idea to have something that you really need during your trek and also you can even buy them in Kathmandu. 

5. Buy EBC trek map and book

One is one of the most effective tools during travel. It helps us to know about the surrounding places which are unexpected in your view. You really know about the destination where you are in what elevation from the sea level in the meantime of your trek. Route map also helps you at the situation when you are out of contact with your guide during a trek.

6. Always keep your batteries and gadgets at a warm place

If you are in the Everest region journey then you don’t need to miss each and every moment. Not missing moment means you have to capture your time in the region of Everest with your gadgets. It is necessary to have had one more or optional battery with you so that you can click at any time. In the same way, you can put your batteries in the sleeping bag and sleep on it so that it will be warm for a longer time. As you can experience in the Himalayan region Charging is a bit expensive than in the city area.

It will cost around $5 to $10 per hour in the Himalayan region of the country. As we all know that the battery may be drained by cold quickly and similarly the life of the battery may extend by keeping them in warm places. You can also charge your gadget’s battery below or Near Namche Bazar at the costs of 100 to 150 Nrp per each hour. On the other hand, it will cost around 300 Npr per hour. This is also one reason why you should make sure of all these things in a proper way.

7. Experience the Spiritual life of Tengboche

In the Himalayan region of the country, people are moreover in the religion of Buddhism and Tibetian Buddhism. As there is a spiritual place called the Tengboche monastery where most of the people are praying and chanting that makes the environment full of spirit. Nowadays this Monastery is being popular day by day.

Monks chant from 6:00 and 15:00 which is the time you will exactly be in the place of Monastery. I could be your new cultural experience in life so do not miss this chance. 

If you even not that much spiritual but the environment of Tengboche will definitely create your mind believe in such thing and remain conscious for

A very long time. People wearing a red gown and chanting mantras made a very spiritual situation and you may feel more belief in such religion. Every year thousands of people from different parts of the world come to Nepal especially in the Himalayan region for the trek. Including trek, they also want to experience the spiritual life of the Himalayan Buddhists.

Due to all these reasons, we recommend you to visit this place to have something new experience in life. 

8. All the time Give way for the Sherpa and Yak

In this region, you can see most of the local sherpa people are stepping up and down carrying a lot of loads in the Sherpa community. These sherpa are the most hardworking people in the Himalayan of the country. so this is our main responsibility to give them way first with respect. We are hoping that

you don’t even want to be nudged off a cliff by a yak on the way. Always get out of the way in the mountain region when yak comes nearer to us because it may hamper us if we eventually leave their way easily.

Yak is most popular in this place because in the Himalayan region there is no access to transportation which makes life difficult. So people use yak as a means of transport to carry loads from one destination to another destination to run they’re the lives of Himalayan people. 

9. Suspension bridges on the way

You will get an opportunity to see many suspension bridges hanging on the mountain on the way to Everest. For the trek to Everest base camp you will surely cross, We made suspension bridges to cross the path easily. This type of brides may be different for people from the next country. This looks mindblowing freaked out and terrifying. So that the trek becomes easy and comfortable and trekkers enjoy a lot walking through the beautiful gorges which was so much stunning. 

10. Using the methods of Handi wipes 

You will not get the opportunity to show time to time during your trek. It is really hard to make it done in the Everest region of the country. We can also shower are also not much apeling at -10 degree celsius and also does not get a place where you can easily enjoy like at home. Handiswipes and other different products lie hand sanitizer at least help us to be free from different germs around us. This is the most important thing when you are in higher places for climbing, trekking and many other activities at that time you must be aware of such a product in the market. 

The above tips for not only trek to Everest base camp, but it’s also for all treks in Everest region like Everest 3 Passes Trek, Ebc with Chola pass Trek, etc.