Founder Story

Dev Raj Bajgain

Dev Raj Bajgain, also known as ‘David’, was born in Kavre Palanchowk. An avid travel enthusiast with a cheery personality, Dev Raj grew up among the surrounding natural beauty of the emerald hills of Kavre Palanchowk where he first encountered the breathtaking views of the valley. That is when he sought to, later, become a traveler and tourist guide, discovering more hidden treasures of Nepal’s natural and cultural beauty and also rediscovering his passion for traveling in the process.

His first set of tourists was from Hong Kong and his first professional trek was to Poon Hill. From there, he has had more than 500 tourists and provided them with an ample amount of memorable journeys around Nepal. Fluent in 5 languages (English, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, and Nepali), Dev Raj is a master of communication skills. His warm and sociable personality has charmed many tourists and has led them to have no complaints due to efficient communication. Not limited to his professional life, Dev Raj has extended his volunteering spirit at Nepal Matri Griha, an organization that helps underprivileged children to have access to quality health and education facilities.

In addition to that, he is an active member of the Lions Club of Shree Krishna Pranavi which works for the welfare of underprivileged people. Dev Raj Bajgain is a hardworking professional who not only believes in using tourism as a medium of economic gain but a platform to promote Nepal in the international arena and also promote local-level tourism as well.