Why Nepal should be your next travel destination

Why Nepal should be your next travel destination

Why Nepal should be your next travel destination

Nepal is a country full of natural habitats of animals and rare birds and wild animals. Including the highest peak in the world. Not only that, it has a variety of monuments and historical sites that show the past happening and living a life of the people. 


Nepal is a beautiful country with thousands of wonders including natural and human-made resources. On that note, Nepal has always been the cheapest country in terms of tourism activities compared to other parts of the world. You can get a good meal in the Capital city Kathmandu for almost 400 rupees. 

That is total and equivalent to $3. In the same way off the tourism track location, you will be having endless servings of delicious National food of Nepal. The food is called Dal Bhat for a little of 150 rupees. There is a very simple process in which you can book your hotel or hostels whatever you like at a short-notice too. 

This will lead backpackers to a dream destination to enjoy such a less accessible thing.

The Scenery of Mountains and Hills

Nepal is a home of hundreds of mountains with the world’s tallest mountain. Among the ten tallest mountains in the world, eight mountains lie in Nepal. If you have ever seen some of beautiful snow-capped Himalayas and interesting prayer flags then you may already have known about this country Nepal.

It has the most fascinating and incredible Himalayas that will melt the heart of travelers around the world. You might be wondering that an amazing variety of terrain also lies within this small landlocked country. From the massive paddy fields to the world ‘s tallest mountain, lush forests to rare wild birds and animals Nepal has covered and as a home for a long time. This will definitely lead trekkers to a breathtaking moment in life.

There are Hikes for All Abilities

There are many things that you can do in Nepal and mostly tours in this country are literally all abilities. You can book your trip[ of excursion form the beautiful city Pokhara so that you can climb Mount Everest base camp if that is a thing that looks fancy or maybe a simple that takes almost a day-long trip that strolls through the terrain hill and don climbing hill to the Himalayas. 

In the north of Pokhara, there is the Annapurna Conservation Area that also hosts some of the astonishing views of massive Himalayas. This will be a very accessible route for the average type of traveler. The hiking activities with an adventure available here and can also do some adventurous activities like rowing, white water rafting, horse riding and paragliding, Bungee jumping etc form this beautiful city.

Nepalese Food

There is a variety of delicacies of food that are made daily in Nepal. As you, tourists from different places want to taste some of the best food in Nepal. Dal Bhat is a Nepalese typical fish which is a daily food habit of every Nepali living in the various regions of a country.

Dal Bhat consists of curried lentils, rice vegetables, Achar (pickle) and as optional chicken meat can be served. There is no doubt that this food will be served at any authentic  Nepalese restaurant and maybe differ from place to place by which you won’t get bored. 

At the same time, MOMOs are the4 most popular dish in Nepal and it consists of meat or a snack of vegetables which is wrapped inside the dough and steamed or in a fried form. You will be getting a new form of experience by eating this food in Nepal.

Fast foods can be taken as Pokadas which is a bit more greasy and will probably satisfy if you search for fancy something like this food. You can easily get some other food that is Chinese and Indian if you go to some of the authentic restaurant places in the city. 

Some of the drinks try sweet masala or Himilayan mountain coffee. Nepal also has a good production of brilliant lagers that includes Everest, Nepal ice, and Gorka. If you want to try something extra made local then try Raksi as a traditional spirit.

It’s Not Spoilt by Tourism

There are hundreds of countries bombed from the aspects of tourism over the time of the last couple of decades, Nepal is a most glorious country which remains relatively undiscovered up to date. Particularly this country ventures away from the big cities so that you can easily gain a sense of the most authentic culture.

In the same way, if there aren’t any tourists in the local area of a country then it is also safe to travel around most of the  Countries and even as a solo traveler.

Country of Peace

Nepal is a country home to the most fascinating monasteries, large monuments, temples that are mostly opened for the travelers for a kind of small donation. You can visit a peaceful destination like Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. But even without at sightseeing this country has a lot of prominent sense of serenity. 

One of the most refreshing things that you can experience in Nepal is the calmness and mindfulness of the local people living in their community happily. There is neither a single noticeable lack of religious conflict in a country with Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists. 

They all live in a single community peacefully and happily sharing their festivals and doing together. When you go throughout the streets you will be hearing soothing mantras in the morning time. And even they tale harmony if you want some kind of self-reflection. Nepal is the most interesting place for the process of meditation and Yoga.

The most fascinating country with the numbers of virgin tourism areas and unexplored destinations. The above-mentioned things will really clear that Nepal can be your next travel destination.

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